6th October 2016: #Nostalgic & HOW!!

A post describing my most beautiful moment of life - giving birth to my son, Yuddhweer!

All those weighty issues before, during & after pregnancy!

Yes, your weight will fluctuate and your body will blow out and come back in... And there will be some effort needed to get back to pre-pregnancy body... But chill!!

When the focus changes from ‘me’ to the ‘child’!!!

Once you enter the third trimester, the only thing that is on your mind is how will you deliver - Whether it will have to be a C-section or a natural delivery? And if natural - how painful or easy will it be? How many hours will the labour last? Will I be able to... Continue Reading →

Gearing up to deliver when your partner is not around

Ever since you get pregnant; the one person you truly share this special experience with is your partner. You two have been in it together since the very first second. And most of you will be together till the end. All your 'to do' or 'wish' lists will invariably have something for the Dad -... Continue Reading →

A pregnant woman’s dilemma over her expectations with herself!

So what's the new fashionable thing to do during a pregnancy? Work or work-out or managing both during your pregnancy term!! We all want to believe and are in the constant act to prove that we are just pregnant and that pregnancy in no way takes away my talent from me. And we are a... Continue Reading →

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