How safe is the ‘Paracetamol’ in Pregnancy

Ever since I got pregnant, the one thing I have been afraid of is putting anything into my body that is not natural. Something as simple as a bleach on my face also I have avoided. Or eating outside food. Because I have been dreading falling sick like crazy. Since the day one, this thing... Continue Reading →

Who is your late night visitor?? A Leg Cramp!!!!

Welcome in the third trimester and welcome in the 'leg cramps'!! For some it may have started in the mid of second trimester and for some really lucky ones - they may not ever start. But for most of us - it is the third trimester that prepares us in a very painful, unnecessary and... Continue Reading →

As my battle with (actually FOR) Sleep continues..

The one thing everyone invariably complaints about during their pregnancy is ‘lack of proper sleep’… I am no different… I try to do everything to get my good night’s sleep. Not sleep during the day One cup of warm milk Warm water bath at night Followed by massage by loving husband Some soothing, stress relieving... Continue Reading →

Double Marker Test and Triple Marker Test FAQs

With me getting pregnant now, the last pregnancy in my close family dates back to some five years back. So even though we do remember the basic things we had done then, the finer details of all the medical observations and follow ups had become faint. Just then we heard of this term we had... Continue Reading →

So many Ultrasound scans.. Should I be worried?

When your mother was pregnant, she was just pregnant and had to go for regular check ups. But now when you are pregnant, your are not 'just' pregnant - you are pregnant in that era when getting pregnant is a very big deal. This generation will no longer have 10-12 kids trotting around them (not... Continue Reading →

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