10 SIGNS that confirm your pregnancy!! No need for all those tests!!

Even if no one tells you - neither your urine test nor your sonography -¬†Here are 10 signs that will a hundred percent confirm your pregnancy: ¬† 1. Sleep, my love, where art thou!!!???!!! You feel as tired as the soldier who has fought hard for months in this battle and yet when you lie... Continue Reading →

Suddenly unemployed and feeling worthless!! It’s time for a new ‘Bucket List’!!

Yesterday I was with my bestie discussing about a common friend of ours who is also rumoured to be pregnant. She very confidently said, "I don't think she will plan now... She has her great-going career to attend to before anything else." To that her sister argued, "She is already thirty. The career won't run... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Phase I: All this is so new! What to do??

It all started with me bumping into my childhood friend, who also happened to be pregnant and our pregnancies going pretty parallel, with hardly a difference of two weeks. Suddenly knowing that we have each other for a company, we were relieved. There were so many questions that I wanted to ask... Wanted to ensure... Continue Reading →

#10 Quirky Questions! Some may ask, some may shy away!!

We all have these funny questions that we find odd asking people or particularly Doctors, fearing that they will judge us. We all shy away from being judged. Though there are some people who are outspoken and never short of questions for the Doctors or elders; most of us try to seek our answers our... Continue Reading →

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