Dad-to-be, it’s all about being a good husband first!!

You wake up in the morning and can hear your husband doing the dishes in the kitchen. You shoot a sharp look at the clock on the side table. 'Oh Gosh! It's 7:30 already. I shouldn't have slept so long! He must be getting late and must be wanting his chai!! But why is he... Continue Reading →

Dear Stress, Lets Break Up! My Baby is sleeping!

There are times when you know you are probably overthinking to unnecessarily bother yourself and the little one inside! But you defend your actions, claiming that you are helpless and what is happening to you is beyond your control.¬† In pregnancy, there are basically two ways to fall in this harmful trap of 'stress'. Either... Continue Reading →

Swing in my mood… How could I be so rude?

Since last week, me and my husband, have brought in some¬†constructive¬†changes in our daily routine! We wake up at 5 am and go for a walk. While he continues taking a jog, I sit there on the grass and do my prenatal Yoga. We have also changed our eating habits and made them as healthy... Continue Reading →

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