Liz, my dear #SingleMother

Find below the writing prompt by Write Tribe, that inspired this post of mine. My submission for the prompt was - It makes me wonder what must it be to actually be a single mother. Here, we, me and a lot of my fellow mothers, are always complaining about our husband's involvement in raising our... Continue Reading →

How could you leave me alone?

So when a modern day new mother is struggling to really chose between the child and her career - there maybe a voice of the child that you are overlooking in the whole scenario.

The real problem of the New-Age mothers!

A post about what really is the core problem a new-age mother faces (in terms of her life v/s the child) and whether that is what leads her to post partum depression.

New mother’s strategy to maintain sanity!

Sitting there alone in an empty house with only a child, who hardly communicates beyond crying, for company - can sometimes be quite mind-numbing. Yes, he is your little one, your little munchkin, your bundle of joy, your epicentre of life, your hopes, your dreams, your only source of unadultered love - yet there are... Continue Reading →

A pregnant woman’s dilemma over her expectations with herself!

So what's the new fashionable thing to do during a pregnancy? Work or work-out or managing both during your pregnancy term!! We all want to believe and are in the constant act to prove that we are just pregnant and that pregnancy in no way takes away my talent from me. And we are a... Continue Reading →

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