I started writing this blog when I first found out about my pregnancy – to celebrate, to vent, to compile information, to follow latest trends, to keep myself at something, to explore and to fly… As I went with the flow – I slowly found many other things to add to the blog..

Now I am a Mother; and a plethora of ideas are floating in my head about the things I feel, things I do, things I wish someone told me before, things I can’t do anymore, the bigger things in my child’s life, my idea of parenting, my observations of other’s parenting ideas and a zillion other things. And I do not know any other way to express, but to write. And I am going to continue to do so. And in the process, I hope to touch at least a few lives and bring a smile to their face.

Cheers & Thanks for the Support!!

Let’s make it happen together – I’ll need your support as it all – Readers and Collaborators and Fellow Mothers!!!

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