Motherhood is a very complex experience. It manifests itself in extremes – gives you immense joy to the point of ecstacy and at the same time robs you off your ownself, leaving you drained and depressed and wanting to change everything about this new phase.

July 2017 Uploads-2Here is my list where I mention the time it took for me to get back to life after my first delivery. This is a sort of satire to celebrate my so-called sacrificies (at least that’s how you think when you are in the moment). Some are big things and some are really mundane things – and one wonders how did I pull it through man!

  1. TAKING A PROPER SHOWER: 1 WEEK+ (I had a bandage for my C-Section stitches and bathing with that on was a little tricky)
  2. WASHING MY HAIR: 10 days (No blow dry, just a wash – shampoo and conditioner)
  3. APPLYING KAJAL: 6 days (Did you read makeup? No, I meant just the Kajal)
  4. APPLYING NAIL POLISH: 3 Months (I am not even considering growing my nails for this list)
  5. EATING A MEAL AT THE DINING TABLE: 15 days (I didn’t starve till then, just that it had to be served to me while I nursed the baby)
  6. COOKING A MEAL: 1 month (What a task it was!)
  7. COOKING A FANCY MEAl: 6 Months (So tiring it was!)
  8. DINNER DATE WITH HUSBAND (With the Kid): 3 Months (I have never been so conscious about what someone(my little one) is feeling – I just couldnt eat!)
  9. DINNER DATE WITH HUSBAND (Without the Kid): 6 Months (We rushed out after just gulping down some last portions)
  10. QUICKIE WITH HUSBAND: 3 Months (Aah! Don’t remind me about it!)
  11. DINNER WITH GIRL FRIENDS (With the Kid): 4 Months (Thank God they are good with kids)
  12. MEETING IN OFFICE (With the Kid): 4 Months (Half the time my mind was in the other room where the kid was waiting for me)
  13. MEETING IN OFFICE (Without the Kid): 9 Months (Felt fresh I must admit!)
  14. ATTENDED A WEDDING: 3 Months (Exhausting and how – Imagine feeding from below a heavily embroidered blouse… arghhhh…why do people get married?)
  15. WATCHING A FILM IN THE THEATRE (Leaving the Kid with the Father): 8 Months (Hated that they had intervals.. though relished two popcorns!)
  16. MOVIE DATE WITH HUSBAND (Leaving the Kid with a Family Member): 10 Months (Finally could breathe, could hold his hand and watch a film)
  17. HAIR CUT (Tagging the Kid along): 3 Months (Got up twice from the chair to attend to my little one who was waiting at the reception, leaving my stylist (male) a little annoyed)
  18. ELABORATE HAIR TREATMENT (Leaving the Kid with the Father): 7 Months (Hair treatments have never felt so life changing!)
  19. WAXING (Calling someone home): 1.5 Months (ouch!)
  20. WAXING (At a Salon): 3 Months (OOOUCH!)
  21. SPA AT A SALON: 5 Months (Just couldn’t doze off.. It felt like the phone would ring any time – asking me to rush home)
  22. A WALK IN THE EVENING: 4 Months (Chalo finally!)
  23. ATTEMPTING WORKOUT: 4 Months (Not my cup of tea!)
  24. READING A BOOK: 6 Months (Thank God for Chitra Devakurni Banerjee)
  25. SHOPPING BEYOND AMAZON: 1 Month (Spoilt silly)
  26. VISIT TO A MALL: 3 months (Thank God for nursing rooms!)
  27. A COFFEE AT STARBUCKS: 3 Months (THANK GOD for STARBUCKS and their superdelicious coffees)
  28. GETTING BACK TO WRITING THE BLOG: 8 Months (So Liberating)
  29. WRITING IN A CAFE: 9 Months (So me!)
  30. ONE DAY PICNIC WITH FAMILY: 6 Months (Double the fun, double the packing!)
  31. OUT OF THE CITY TRIP WITH HUSBAND AND KID: 6 Months (Triple the fun, triple the packing!)
  32. PLAYING BADMINTON: 8 Months (Regaining some flexibility)
  33. SHOT A FILM: 7 Months (Too much running between the set and the vanity where the little one was waiting impatiently)
  34. DRIVING OUR CAR: 4 Months (Bumpy ride after bumpy miracle!)
  35. LATE NIGHT LONG DRIVE: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  36. GOING TO THE BEACH: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  37. TAKEN A FLIGHT TO SOME PLACE: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  38. INDULGED IN RETAIL THERAPY (For myself): Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  39. GOT BACK TO MY MAIN JOB: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  40. PARTIED: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  41. NAUGHTY NIGHT WITH HUSBAND: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  42. SLEPT FOR EIGHT HOURS IN A STRETCH: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  43. SPENT A WHOLE DAY (8 hrs) AWAY FROM THE KID: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months)
  44. SPENT HALF AN HOUR WITHOUT THINKING OF THE KID: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months)
  46. WAKING UP AT MY WILL: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  47. SIPPING CHAI WHILE LOOKING AT THE SUNSET: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  48. MAKING DREAMCATCHERS: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  49. STARTING THE DREAM SCRAPBOOK: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) ….:-(
  50. REGRETTING THE DECISION OF HAVING THE CHILD: Not yet (It’s been 10 Months) (Yayyyyyyyy!)

P.S. Maybe I took longer to get to doing a lot of things or probably did a few things too soon. But every journey is different. Mine was that of an exclusively breastfeeding mother (for the first six months), working from home for an NGO, managing their social media and who had taken a break from her main career (film making).

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