A post about teaching your children the true meaning of the right kind of investments in life.

What #Kind of a Mother are you?

It is blog post reminding mothers of the most important hashtag they need to give themselves - #ResponsibleMother

Let’s not add one more monster to the World!

Lately, every few days a news comes up where an inhuman, heniuos, unpardonable, monstrous, ghastly, shameful, shocking (don't get enough adjectives to express how strongly I condemn it) violent act is performed against innocent children, either in their school or daycare or by some relative or just generally. The latest being the Ryan International School... Continue Reading →

Liz, my dear #SingleMother

Find below the writing prompt by Write Tribe, that inspired this post of mine. My submission for the prompt was - It makes me wonder what must it be to actually be a single mother. Here, we, me and a lot of my fellow mothers, are always complaining about our husband's involvement in raising our... Continue Reading →

Taharrush Jamai – It makes my blood boil and heart toil !!!!

I came across this extremely atrocious article on a practise where women are openly raped - Taharrush Jamai. Link to the Article from It just shook me up so much - I had to make it a part of this blog. Though this has nothing to do with pregnancy or parenting as such. But... Continue Reading →

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