6th October 2016: #Nostalgic & HOW!!

A post describing my most beautiful moment of life - giving birth to my son, Yuddhweer!

Important Pointers for the first few hours/days in the Hospital post delivery!

Within fractions of seconds, life has changed. You are no longer pregnant, and even before you can realise, the baby is out and waiting for you to take charge. The feeling when you first hear him cry is very overwhelming - beating everything that you have ever felt in your life - explains to you... Continue Reading →

When the focus changes from ‘me’ to the ‘child’!!!

Once you enter the third trimester, the only thing that is on your mind is how will you deliver - Whether it will have to be a C-section or a natural delivery? And if natural - how painful or easy will it be? How many hours will the labour last? Will I be able to... Continue Reading →

Gearing up to deliver when your partner is not around

Ever since you get pregnant; the one person you truly share this special experience with is your partner. You two have been in it together since the very first second. And most of you will be together till the end. All your 'to do' or 'wish' lists will invariably have something for the Dad -... Continue Reading →

Third Trimester Terms: Baby Dropping or Lightening!

"Lightening/Engagement"¬†Illustration by Beth Okurowski from the book Pregnancy, Birth and You. What is a baby dropping or lightening? Almost towards the end of the third trimester, when the baby starts settling lower into the pelvis - it is called baby dropping or lightening. It is nothing but a positive sign that the baby and your... Continue Reading →

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