Attending a wedding with children

It was a beautiful morning, when the sky was pink, the birds were chirping, the pressure cookers whistling in the neighbouring kitchens; when my child, all of 5, woke up excited to attend one of my cousin’s wedding which was a four hours drive from our place. Within no time, we were in the car... Continue Reading →


A post about teaching your children the true meaning of the right kind of investments in life.

Sailing through Crisis as New Parents

A dear cousin of mine is going through a rather rocky beginning for his parenting journey. His son's head, owing to its size, was stuck in the passage for a bit longer than ideal and had to be helped to come out. But that trauma led to an incapacity in the child to cry or... Continue Reading →

Channa Mereya – Now the father of my child!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge! And I have tuned on to one of my latest favourite songs - Channa Mereya.  Each time I listen to this song, I am instantly exported to the time when I used to listen to it on a loop. Last year, this song came... Continue Reading →

Our #LittleMonster

One fine day, we found the news; Another finer day, he kicked and proved; Another finest day, he jumped out and cried to be alive!   Our life changed, when this #LittleMonster arrived; Our routine changed according to his mighty wish; Our priorities changed, almost overnight; making us more responsible of our resources and more!... Continue Reading →

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