A post about teaching your children the true meaning of the right kind of investments in life.

Modern Day mothers and their various issues (unspoken & unresolved)

Modern day mothers - bombarded with choices, judgements and post partum despression.

Day 3: #WriteTribeProBlogger October Challenge ~ #Terminal

I once wrote a post about Missing the heart and words to describe a ‘Miscarriage’!!.  I was pregnant then, and hence the biggest fear at that point was to have a 'miscarriage'. Ironical as it may be - for someone who had actually given a deep thought to the option of an abortion (because the pregnancy... Continue Reading →

What will I do should my kids behave this way???

Each time a child visits my place, my mental diary starts taking notes of what behaviour trait of that child can be there in my child and what can certainly not be there. Today’s post is mainly about what behaviour of kids I absolutely detest and will kill myself if my child ends up doing... Continue Reading →

Let’s not add one more monster to the World!

Lately, every few days a news comes up where an inhuman, heniuos, unpardonable, monstrous, ghastly, shameful, shocking (don't get enough adjectives to express how strongly I condemn it) violent act is performed against innocent children, either in their school or daycare or by some relative or just generally. The latest being the Ryan International School... Continue Reading →

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