Liz, my dear #SingleMother

Find below the writing prompt by Write Tribe, that inspired this post of mine. My submission for the prompt was - It makes me wonder what must it be to actually be a single mother. Here, we, me and a lot of my fellow mothers, are always complaining about our husband's involvement in raising our... Continue Reading →

Angry Indian Goddesses

Angry Indian Goddesses - Just saw this film - at the end of a rather ’moody’ ‘pregnant’ day! How often do you see films that move you at depths you don’t realise still exist in you? ‘Angry Indian Goddesses ‘speaks of a lot of issues that women in India go through in the most fun,... Continue Reading →

Suddenly unemployed and feeling worthless!! It’s time for a new ‘Bucket List’!!

Yesterday I was with my bestie discussing about a common friend of ours who is also rumoured to be pregnant. She very confidently said, "I don't think she will plan now... She has her great-going career to attend to before anything else." To that her sister argued, "She is already thirty. The career won't run... Continue Reading →

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