A post about teaching your children the true meaning of the right kind of investments in life.

Important Pointers for the first few hours/days in the Hospital post delivery!

Within fractions of seconds, life has changed. You are no longer pregnant, and even before you can realise, the baby is out and waiting for you to take charge. The feeling when you first hear him cry is very overwhelming - beating everything that you have ever felt in your life - explains to you... Continue Reading →

Nazar Lagna and all that stress – Part & Parcel of Motherhood

A very close friend of mine, who happens to share my passion for writing, also got pregnant recently and agreed to write for Bumpy Miracle with me. We were both really excited about the proposition and were looking forward to a long term partnership when something in her head or heart triggered a feeling of... Continue Reading →

A night before my Godhbharai!!!

Amidst all that could possibly stress me about my pregnancy; my dear mother decided to organise a ‘Shrimant’ (Baby Shower as known in ‘Gujratis’) to bless her daughter ie. me and the to-be-born grandchild. Me and my husband had declared very early in the pregnancy that we will skip the Godhbharai function, but she was... Continue Reading →

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