Modern Day mothers and their various issues (unspoken & unresolved)

Modern day mothers - bombarded with choices, judgements and post partum despression.

Who is your late night visitor?? A Leg Cramp!!!!

Welcome in the third trimester and welcome in the 'leg cramps'!! For some it may have started in the mid of second trimester and for some really lucky ones - they may not ever start. But for most of us - it is the third trimester that prepares us in a very painful, unnecessary and... Continue Reading →

As my battle with (actually FOR) Sleep continues..

The one thing everyone invariably complaints about during their pregnancy is ‘lack of proper sleep’… I am no different… I try to do everything to get my good night’s sleep. Not sleep during the day One cup of warm milk Warm water bath at night Followed by massage by loving husband Some soothing, stress relieving... Continue Reading →

Suddenly unemployed and feeling worthless!! It’s time for a new ‘Bucket List’!!

Yesterday I was with my bestie discussing about a common friend of ours who is also rumoured to be pregnant. She very confidently said, "I don't think she will plan now... She has her great-going career to attend to before anything else." To that her sister argued, "She is already thirty. The career won't run... Continue Reading →

Swing in my mood… How could I be so rude?

Since last week, me and my husband, have brought in some constructive changes in our daily routine! We wake up at 5 am and go for a walk. While he continues taking a jog, I sit there on the grass and do my prenatal Yoga. We have also changed our eating habits and made them as healthy... Continue Reading →

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