Attending a wedding with children

It was a beautiful morning, when the sky was pink, the birds were chirping, the pressure cookers whistling in the neighbouring kitchens; when my child, all of 5, woke up excited to attend one of my cousin’s wedding which was a four hours drive from our place. Within no time, we were in the car... Continue Reading →


A post about teaching your children the true meaning of the right kind of investments in life.

Sibling Bonding Series: Preparing your older child

In this second post from the Sibling Bonding series, lets talk about preparing the older child and tackling his initial inhibitions about the new baby.

Second Child, not Second Thoughts!!

A light-hearted post about the things that can get said to you while deciding to have a second child.

Why did you chose to have a child?

A post about the need for children to remain children, and parents to remain happy humans and not super humans.

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