Liz, my dear #SingleMother

Find below the writing prompt by Write Tribe, that inspired this post of mine. My submission for the prompt was - It makes me wonder what must it be to actually be a single mother. Here, we, me and a lot of my fellow mothers, are always complaining about our husband's involvement in raising our... Continue Reading →

Bringing ‘US’ together!

One has often heard counsellors or family members or well-wishers suggesting that those couples having troubles in their marriage should try and have a child to ease out their differences or issues. I would always wonder it is quite a risky advice - how can you decide to have a child when all is not... Continue Reading →

How many Indian men are willing to give their wives a massage?

Yes you read that right - How many INDIAN men are willing to give their wives a massage when she is pregnant or otherwise?? Why I stress on 'Indian' is because we are particularly a very patriarchal Nation. To that extent that women themselves are strong believers of some of these highly chauvinistic or patriarch... Continue Reading →

A night before my Godhbharai!!!

Amidst all that could possibly stress me about my pregnancy; my dear mother decided to organise a ‘Shrimant’ (Baby Shower as known in ‘Gujratis’) to bless her daughter ie. me and the to-be-born grandchild. Me and my husband had declared very early in the pregnancy that we will skip the Godhbharai function, but she was... Continue Reading →

Missing the heart and words to describe a ‘Miscarriage’!!

My earliest and the strongest and the most disturbing memory of one of my favourite books ‘The Vine of Desire' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is the opening chapter of the book which describes Anju’s miscarriage in the most melancholic yet piercing expression through her beautifully woven words. Through the entire book, Anju suffered due to that loss,... Continue Reading →

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