Decoding #Sleep #Patterns

A blog post about decoding sleep patterns in new borns or infants & quick tips about how to not lose your mind over it!

10 Things – a new mother should do for herself post delivery!

First one month - can be quite an overwhelming experience and one must learn to find some balance & time for herself. Here is a list of 10 things to do to retain your sanity.

How could you leave me alone?

So when a modern day new mother is struggling to really chose between the child and her career - there maybe a voice of the child that you are overlooking in the whole scenario.

The real problem of the New-Age mothers!

A post about what really is the core problem a new-age mother faces (in terms of her life v/s the child) and whether that is what leads her to post partum depression.

New mother’s strategy to maintain sanity!

Sitting there alone in an empty house with only a child, who hardly communicates beyond crying, for company - can sometimes be quite mind-numbing. Yes, he is your little one, your little munchkin, your bundle of joy, your epicentre of life, your hopes, your dreams, your only source of unadultered love - yet there are... Continue Reading →

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