Stressfree Parenting! Need of the Hour!

At a very young age, almost sixteen, I had decided that I want to quit all my preparations for IIT-JEE and pursue film making instead. And I was in it for the love of artistic expression and story telling; and not for the fame or riches. I was from Mumbai, but I had no contacts... Continue Reading →

Shifting in the middle of your pregnancy

As the Indian culture and it's common practise goes - Half the women tend to deliver at their mother's house instead of their husband's. The Indian society's age old partiality against the daughter-in-law must have probably started this practise where the woman feels more relaxed when at her own place - where she can rest... Continue Reading →

Gearing up to deliver when your partner is not around

Ever since you get pregnant; the one person you truly share this special experience with is your partner. You two have been in it together since the very first second. And most of you will be together till the end. All your 'to do' or 'wish' lists will invariably have something for the Dad -... Continue Reading →

A pregnant woman’s dilemma over her expectations with herself!

So what's the new fashionable thing to do during a pregnancy? Work or work-out or managing both during your pregnancy term!! We all want to believe and are in the constant act to prove that we are just pregnant and that pregnancy in no way takes away my talent from me. And we are a... Continue Reading →

Some third trimester terms: Braxton Hicks Contractions

There are these certain terms that are only within the reach of today's generation - thanks to the number of books they read and the ever so accessible and informative world of internet. If I ask my mother or any of the aunts - they would wonder what the hell am I talking about. Though... Continue Reading →

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