All those weighty issues before, during & after pregnancy!

Yes, your weight will fluctuate and your body will blow out and come back in... And there will be some effort needed to get back to pre-pregnancy body... But chill!!

A pregnant woman’s dilemma over her expectations with herself!

So what's the new fashionable thing to do during a pregnancy? Work or work-out or managing both during your pregnancy term!! We all want to believe and are in the constant act to prove that we are just pregnant and that pregnancy in no way takes away my talent from me. And we are a... Continue Reading →

Third Trimester: Your final chance at some indulgence!!!

You have come a long way - once you were this little girl with two pony tails, then you became the rock chick with black nail polish, then you chose to take your work seriously, then you explored the other sex and dated a few of them, then you zeroed down on this one person,... Continue Reading →

A night before my Godhbharai!!!

Amidst all that could possibly stress me about my pregnancy; my dear mother decided to organise a ‘Shrimant’ (Baby Shower as known in ‘Gujratis’) to bless her daughter ie. me and the to-be-born grandchild. Me and my husband had declared very early in the pregnancy that we will skip the Godhbharai function, but she was... Continue Reading →

Hospital Bag Check List

Hospital Bag Check List is a must! You don't want to go crazy in those last few hours of your pregnancy when already there is so much action happening. Being prepared for this one is the most appropriate thing to do. People seem to have crazily detailed lists that can include things like the hair... Continue Reading →

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